Intel(R) SOA Expressway Demo at JavaOne

JavaOne is this week at Moscone center in San Francisco and I've been putting together a live demo of Intel(R) SOA Expressway. The plan is to show some perimeter defense, delegated authentication and message throttling functions. The scenario has three threads running, good requests, bad requests (auth faults) and bad requests (XML attacks). This set up is perfect for getting all of the pretty colors to show on the Intel(R) SOA Expressway dashboard!

I've got SOA Expressway running on an old IBM t43p (single core) laptop on 32-bit Red Hat AS4. This is really for convenience since the laptop is small and easy to lug around. What's interesting is that even on this ancient machine Intel(R) SOA Expressway is extremely reliable - I had it going all weekend and it converged to about 8000 messages per hour, which actually limited by the client I'm using, which is SOAP UI.

If anyone is around this week, please come by come check out the demo.


Posted by Blake Dournaee on 5:15 PM


Anonymous said...

Really? 8000 messages an hour? That's at least 2 whole messages per second - screaming fast!

signature seal said...

I too agree that its really very interesting to know that on such ancient machine Intel(R) SOA Expressway is extremely reliable and converged to about 8000 messages per hour.Really very fast and noticable

Orange TechnoMind said...

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