High Performance Software for Services Mediation

A hot issue in the context of SOA is how does one effectively mediate between services that may reside in different domains across an organization, and further, how does one accomplish data sharing amongst services without breaking the bank.

Traditionally, organizations have deployed hardware appliances to solve this problem, but Intel has a new solution called SOA Expressway, which is essentially an optimized software runtime that accomplishes the same mediation as a hardware appliance but with higher performance that is more closely aligned with cost-reduction trends in the datacenter such as virtualization and liquid computing.

Recently I gave a joint webinar with Burton on the software service mediation solution. Most surprising is how much faster the software is compared to a purpose-built XML appliance. In fact, the testing shows that for real-world (non-synthetic tests) scenarios, software on Intel(R) Multi-Core is at least 2 and at most 8 times faster than the ASIC for XML processing - quite suprising, oh and its cheaper too.

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